Fergus’s death confirmed.

It’s with great sadness that Fergus’s family have confirmed his death in Switzerland.

He is believed to have died on the day he went missing.  Information on a memorial for Fergus is also available here.

Fergus McInnes went missing in Switzerland on 9th September 2014.

This site was set up to provide the most up to date information to Fergus’s friends and the public on what is known and what questions it might be helpful to answer in order to help focus collaborative efforts most effectively for his safe return. Please note this blog is not run by Fergus’s family but by his friends working with his family. Any relevant messages will be passed on to them.

There is:

– a bit of background on Fergus’s interests

– a page giving the current situation as best we know it

– a page relating to questions we were seeking answers to

– a page with contact details for investigating authorities in UK and Switzerland if you have new information

– a page with links to other places online where there is discussion of the situation

– a page for you to contact us to make other constructive comments.

It might not always be possible to reply to your comments but we will check them all and, if relevant, we will forward them to the police or the family. Thank you for your understanding.

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